What We Are Eating Today: Kutlet

Thu, 2021-11-25 14:01

Kutlet is a new local restaurant that was launched with Riyadh Season, with outlets in both Riyadh City Boulevard and Winter Wonderland.
To improve the dining experience, the restaurant has initiated an online queue that helps with social distancing and cuts customers’ waiting time.
With its strategic location in the heart of the boulevard, Kutlet is instantly attractive, especially with its red logo and unique view of the middle of the music stage, which allows people to enjoy their meal while listening to live music.
The atmosphere is friendly and has a family vibe. Customers order through a QR code that is placed on the table and can check the menu online for a better experience.
The food options are limited to meat lovers only, as it contained just one beef burger and a Philly steak sandwich, each with Kutlet’s signature french fries.
The burger was very light and the bun itself was very special because the restaurant has worked on the formula for a few months. It melts in the mouth.
Kutlet doesn’t have a special sauce because it believes that making a great beef burger depends on the meat and how juicy it is. It is very light on the stomach and doesn’t make you feel heavy.
The french fries are coated with a special spice mix, making them taste different and crunchy, while using only the highest grade of potato.
In Kutlet, you can also have a high-quality meat-eating experience through their signature ribeye Philly steak sandwich.
If you are looking for high-quality meat at reasonable prices, Kutlet is your choice. It also has a unique selling point: The burger costs about SR34 ($9) and the Philly steak is SR44, while the french fries are SR11.
To learn more, find Kutlet on Instagram @hikutlet.

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