KSrelief assistant general supervisor meets IOM delegation

Thu, 2021-11-04 00:31

RIYDAH: Ahmed bin Ali Al-Baiz, assistant general supervisor for operations and programs at the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center on Tuesday met with a delegation from the International Organization for Migration.

Carmela Godeau, IOM’s Middle East and North Africa regional director, headed the delegation during the meeting at the KSrelief headquarters in Riyadh.

Al-Baiz highlighted the humanitarian projects implemented by KSrelief, in cooperation with IOM, that aim to provide the world’s refugees and displaced persons with aid.

During the meeting, the two parties also discussed KSrelief efforts to support the displaced Rohingya people in Bangladesh and Malaysia with shelter, protection, education, and healthcare. Yemeni refugees of Djibouti’s Abkh refugee camp and Syrian refugees were also discussed.

The two sides also discussed their joint projects along with means to boost bilateral cooperation. Godeau commended the Kingdom’s humanitarian efforts and the important role it is playing in its partnership with IOM.

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