Danish Organic Dairy Program launched in Saudi Arabia to promote a healthier lifestyle

Wed, 2021-11-03 21:07

RIYADH: The Danish embassy, with the cooperation of the Danish Dairy Board and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, launched its the three-year program, Danish Organic Dairy in Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday. The program is intended to improve nutrition and public health in the Kingdom.

“It is about promoting organic products from Europe and Denmark. We’ve been exporting dairy products to the Middle East and especially to Saudi Arabia for many years,” Jørgen Christensen, CEO of the Danish Dairy Board, told Arab News.

Christensen said Denmark is one of the foremost producers of organic products in the world, “We’ve been growing in Denmark for many years,” he said. “Now we are focusing on exports, as we feel that there’s a growing demand for organic products around the world… And especially in this region.”

Troels Vensild, director of The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, said that the partnership between Saudi Arabia and Denmark in food production has been growing recently, adding, “Tomorrow, I will have bilateral meetings with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority and the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture, where we will discuss organic certification and organic production.”

In his opening remarks, Denmark’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Ole Moesby said that this campaign would lead to greater collaboration between both countries and affect the consumption of organic products in the Kingdom.

“I believe that this campaign addresses the ambitions of Saudi Arabia, as outlined in Vision 2030, including establishing a healthier and more varied diet for the fast-growing population, achieving sustainable development, and protecting the environment,” he said.

“In my opinion, the campaign also speaks to Saudi Arabian consumer trends. For example, when I go to supermarkets like Danube, I see a larger number of square meters dedicated to organic products,” he added.

According to Moesby, the market share of organic products in Denmark is the largest in the world and is growing annually.

“Today, 13 percent of all foods sold in Denmark are organic. Approximately 30 percent of the liquid milk consumed in Denmark is organic,”  he said.

Moesby also pointed out that Denmark has more than seven dairy companies producing organic products, including Arla Foods, which offered samples of its products at the launch ceremony.

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