Saudi defenses intercept Houthi drone launched toward Khamis Mushait

Mon, 2021-11-01 01:03

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s air defenses intercepted and destroyed an explosive-laden drone launched by Yemen’s Houthi militia toward the Kingdom’s southwestern region, the Arab coalition said on Sunday.
The coalition added that the drone was targeting a populated area in the city of Khamis Mushait.
The Iran-backed Houthi militia launch almost daily cross-border attacks targeting the Kingdom’s southwestern region. 
In the latest attack, Saudi air defenses destroyed explosive drones by Yemen’s Houthi militia targeting Abha airport and Najran on Wednesday, sparking international condemnation.

Arab coalition spokesman Brig. Gen. Turki Al-Maliki speaks at a press conference in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. (File/AFP via Getty Images)
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