Riyadh forum explores ways to tackle cyber terrorism

Thu, 2021-10-14 23:30

The Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition held a workshop at its headquarters in Riyadh for counteracting violent extremism.
The workshop was titled “Reading the future reality of the violent extremism system.”
It discussed the reality and future of violent extremism and the extent to which cyberterrorism has grown intellectually and organizationally for individuals and violent extremism groups.
The workshop was moderated by Dr. Abdullah bin Saeed Al-Duwah from the Islamic Alliance. The secretary-general of the Saudi-mandated Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition and representatives of member states joined the discussion.
It comes within the framework of a series of seminars and lectures as part of the work of the Islamic Alliance with a focus on the academic field, the media field, the field of combating terrorist financing, and the military field.

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