Who’s Who: Nour Mousa, CEO and co-founder of KSA’s Desert Technologies

Sat, 2021-05-01 23:18

Nour Mousa is the CEO and co-founder of the Saudi solar energy firm Desert Technologies.

Desert Technologies, with its ambitious projects that are already yielding results throughout the region, serves as one example of how the Kingdom can leverage its abundant resources, domestic expertise and competitive advantage in energy production. 

Mousa is an executive with worldwide experience across major business functions and operations, from strategic planning, outsourcing, and technology transfer to finance, real estate development and investment, and world-class manufacturing.

He is a partner in Soho Properties, a leading real estate developer managing two development projects worth $600 million in Manhattan, New York.

As managing partner, he is responsible for the strategic and financial operations, execution of large complex transactions, and risk management of the company.

From 1998 to 2003 Mousa was director of strategic planning at Picorp Holding S.A.E., a multibillion-dollar Egyptian group with investments in the real estate, tourism, consumer goods, and manufacturing sectors, where he successfully established five turnkey projects exceeding $200 million from inception to execution.

Among these projects was establishing and structuring a multinational joint venture with Fujitsu General Ltd as a founding board member, while he also oversaw a manufacturing startup in Egypt distributing throughout North Africa.

Prior to working at Picorp, Mousa was in the automotive industry, and was among the team that launched Nissan Egypt’s operations.

Mousa holds a bachelor’s degree in production engineering from Helwan University, and a graduate diploma in industrial engineering from the American University in Cairo.

His charitable work includes the foundation and endowment of Park51, a nonprofit Islamic culture and community center in lower Manhattan.

Nour Mousa
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