Over 25k Saudis get jobs through Hadaf in March

Tue, 2021-04-27 01:38

RIYADH: More than 25,000 young Saudi men and women got jobs in 7,930 companies in the private sector during March through the placement services offered by the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf).
The number of male beneficiaries of the program reached 10,353 while 14,820 women found jobs in the private sector,
The Riyadh region topped with 8,072 beneficiaries followed by the Makkah region with 5,545 jobs.
The number of the program’s beneficiaries is rising due to a new strategy used by Hadaf to ensure jobs for the qualified Saudi youth by forging partnership with the private sector.
Hadaf has launched Tamheer program that identifies the needs of the private sector and offers training in various areas to young Saudis.
The program’s objective is to support Saudization, contribute to the skills of national cadres and enhance the performance of the private sector in the Kingdom.


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