ThePlace: Red Sea’s magical waters near Jeddah a magnet for divers worldwide

Fri, 2021-04-16 23:57

The Red Sea near Jeddah attracts divers from all over the world because of its vibrant and magical sea. It looks calm on the surface, but beneath it, the sea keeps a hidden beauty.
The marine life and the corals are no doubt an experience within themselves, but divers do not flock to this site for just the outstanding nature on offer. The sea also keeps an artificial treasure: The ships that have sunk along the coasts.
Some of the ships were victims to weather conditions and some to technical failures, the haunting allure of these giants makes for a once-in-a-lifetime diving experience.
The “cable wreck” — a ship that sank while carrying construction material — is one of the top attractions. The sunken beast has been utilized by marine life, turning it into their home, which divers can navigate through.
Another shipwreck, named “Ann Ann wreck,” is a bigger and more challenging dive. It is suitable for experienced divers and must be discovered under artificial lights.
The third highlight that rests at the bottom of the shallow waters is the “marble wreck.” It is the most suitable attraction for rookie divers. A few sections of the ship have collapsed and marble has spread across the metal carcass.

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