Who’s Who: Dr. Motaz Abdulrahman Alsolaim, general manager of innovation and entrepreneurship at the Saudi Ministry of Education

Tue, 2021-04-13 22:57

Dr. Motaz Abdulrahman Alsolaim was recently appointed general manager of innovation and entrepreneurship at the Saudi Ministry of Education. He has also been an assistant professor of finance management and entrepreneurship at Majmaah University since 2019.
Alsolaim graduated with a bachelor’s degree in financial management and marketing from Western Kentucky University in the US, and studied for a Master of Business Administration at Swansea University in the UK. He obtained a doctorate in entrepreneurship and startups from the University of Brighton, also in the UK. During his studies he launched several startups in the US, the UK and Saudi Arabia.
After receiving his doctorate, Alsolaim worked for parts of last year and this year as a senior consultant for innovation and entrepreneurship at Masarat Consulting, and with Palladium in Riyadh as a project lead adviser.
He is a member of a number of international professional organizations, including the British Academy of Management, the UK-based Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and the Financial Management Association in the US. He is a key member and representative of the Saudi Ministry of Education as part of its Global Entrepreneurship Monitor team.
Alsolaim founded educational services company Aim Big in 2017, and served as financial manager for security services company Seyaj in 2011 and 2012. Prior to this he provided finance and marketing analysis at US-based Keller Williams Realty.
He received the Best Scientific Research Award at the International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprises in Madrid, and the Award of Scientific Excellence from the Saudi ambassador in the UK.

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