ThePlace: Ain Heet, beautiful cave located in Riyadh’s Wadi Al-Sulay village

Sat, 2021-03-13 01:00

Another gem that explorers have discovered in Saudi Arabia is the rare and beautiful Ain Heet cave, which has an underground lake.
It is located in a mountain called Al-Jubayl in a small village in Wadi Al-Sulay, Riyadh. Ain Heet is named after its entrance, which resembles the shape of the eye. The cave is formed with limestone.
It is one of the more easily accessed caves in Riyadh, and finding it is not that difficult thanks to an abandoned pump house in the mountain’s vicinity. The entrance of the cave is about 20 meters wide and, as one ventures into the cave and struggles through the narrow rocks, they stand in front of interesting rock formations and pathways.
As one goes deeper into the cave they will find an underwater lake with surprisingly clear water. The water is 15 to 20 meters deep.
At the end of the trail, explorers can dive into the water and be rewarded for the difficult path they have followed.


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