Saudi Arabia monitoring conflict in Myanmar with ‘great concern’

Fri, 2021-03-12 01:41

LONDON: Saudi Arabia said it is following the suffering of the Rohingya Muslim minority and other minorities in Myanmar with “great concern.”
The comments were made during a UN Human Rights Council meeting with UN Special Rapporteur on Myanmar Tom Andrews.
“The situation of the Rohingya minority is one of the most important issues that the Kingdom pays great attention to,” said Mohannad Al-Basrawi, the human rights department head of the Kingdom’s permanent UN delegation in Geneva.

Saudi Arabia called on the international community to take urgent action to stop the violence against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar. 
Al-Basrawi expressed concern over the reports of gross violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, including arbitrary arrests, excessive use of force against civilians and murders.
He was also concerned over the delay in humanitarian aid delivery to those affected in the conflict.
Al-Basrawi renewed the Kingdom’s call for intensifying international efforts to solve the crisis in Myanmar by addressing the root causes of the conflict while creating conditions for the safe, voluntary and dignified return of all the people displaced because of the conflict.

The Rohingya people have faced widespread persecution in Myanmar. (File/Reuters)
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