Muslim women have always enjoyed prominent position in Islam, says MWL chief

Wed, 2021-02-24 02:26

The secretary-general of the Muslim World League, Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, on Tuesday said the Muslim women always enjoyed a prominent position since the beginning of Islam and any violation of their rights are against the basic teachings of the religion.
He was speaking at an online seminar organized by the Los Angeles World Affairs Council and Town Hall.
Al-Issa said it is important to fight the wrong ideas about women propagated by extremist elements. He said armed struggle against terrorism and the deviant ideology is not enough. Al-Issa stressed the need to combat the extremist narrative using intellectual means to root it out from the world.
He stressed the need to promote dialogue between the East and the West to bridge the gap between different communities, cultures and civilizations.
The MWL chief blamed the trust deficit between different communities for violence. He explained the Islamic concept of moderation and its importance to promote global peace and harmony.
Al-Issa highlighted the efforts of the MWL in forging ties with several religious organizations around the world to spread its message of peace and coexistence.
Kim McCleary Blue, president of the World Affairs Council, praised the efforts of the MWL in promoting a culture of dialogue and cooperation between followers of different religions and cultures.


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