Pakistani group eyes artistic, cultural partnership with Saudi Arabia

Mon, 2021-02-22 00:08

KARACHI: The Arts Council of Pakistan (ACP) wants to showcase the talent and skillsets of painters, musicians, dancers and artists from Saudi Arabia to audiences in the country by collaborating with “like-minded” associations in the Kingdom.
“I want to take Pakistani artists to Saudi Arabia,” ACP President Ahmed Shah told Arab News. “I’m writing to Saudi officials responsible for arts and culture to request them to bring their artists to Pakistan. I think we can come closer together through people-to-people contact since it will allow both sides to understand each other better.”
ACP is a nonprofit organization promoting cultural life and activities in Pakistan.
The council has gained international recognition in recent years after its collaborations with countries such as the US, Germany, Portugal, China and Japan.
During his 12 years with the council, Shah has turned the ACP into a leading hub of arts, culture and literature. He has established training academies under the auspices of the organization to promote music, dance and theater. These training facilities also provide free education to more than a thousand underprivileged students annually.
Shah’s next aim was to collaborate with Saudi Arabia, setting up galleries, working on music and undertaking entertainment megaprojects by building places like Qiddiya.
“I was very happy to know that the Kingdom is opening up under the able and dynamic leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and encouraging the promotion of arts and culture,” he said. “Under the leadership of the crown prince, the Kingdom understands the future — whether it’s the future of the region or the future of the world. I think he has the vision to make his country very prosperous and progressive,” the council’s president added.
Last year, the popular Pakistani drama Dhoop Kinare was dubbed in Arabic and screened in the Kingdom, and Shah hopes that more Pakistani dramas and films will be dubbed in Arabic and sent to Saudi Arabia. The television production was written by Haseena Moin, who is also the vice president of the council.

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