Yemeni officials meet Saudi Islamic Affairs Minister

Tue, 2021-02-02 01:03

A delegation of Yemeni officials and scholars called on Saudi Islamic Affairs Minister Sheikh Abdullatif Al-Asheikh at his office in Riyadh on Monday.
They are all part of the “Program of Communication with Yemeni Scholars” and head different components of the initiative.
During the meeting, the Saudi minister reaffirmed the Saudi position to support the Yemeni people against the Iranian-backed Houthi aggression.
He highlighted the historical ties between the two countries. Al-Asheikh praised the role of Yemeni scholars against the Iranian propaganda espoused by the Houthi militias.
The minister lauded the efforts of the program of communication in preserving the identity of their country and people.
Dr. Mohammed bin Musa Al-Amiri, an adviser to the Yemeni president, thanked Saudi Arabia for its generous support to the war-ravaged country.
He highlighted the importance of forging unity among Yemenis to face all threats together.

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