Saudi Arabia launches joint defense exercises

Mon, 2021-02-01 00:57

DHAHRAN: The Spears of Victory military drills, known as Rumah Al-Nasr, were launched on Sunday at the Air Warfare Center at King Abdul Aziz Air Base in the Eastern Province.

It is the first exercise to be held in the Air Warfare Center since its inauguration by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2019.

The exercise will raise the level of combat readiness in all air, technical and support crews by applying cutting-edge skills, tactics and procedures in a real work environment.

Those taking part will be able to plan and implement joint military operations with branches of the armed forces in a harmonious and integrated manner at the operational and tactical levels.

Systems and scenarios that simulate real warfare environments will be used in the exercises.

It will run until Feb. 12 and will include the Royal Saudi Land Forces, the Royal Saudi Navy and the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces.

The Air Warfare Center contributes to the development and modernization of combat plans against potential threats, the evaluation of air force capabilities, and the testing of military hardware.

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