Italian MPs praise Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia’s ‘fundamental’ role in region

Mon, 2021-02-01 19:13

ROME: A group of influential Italian politicians have praised the Saudi Vision 2030 reform plan and called the historic relationship between Italy and the Kingdom “fundamental” to the economic, commercial, and cultural stability of the Mediterranean and Middle East.

In a joint statement from 17 members of both houses of the Italian Parliament, Saudi Arabia was lauded for its efforts to promote peace and human rights in the region.

Members of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and three Senators from all political parties belonging to the Italy-Saudi Arabia Parliamentary Intergroup, said the strong ties between the two countries dated back to a 1932 friendship treaty.

The long-standing links were “evidence of the solid international cooperation” the nations enjoyed “on political, economic, commercial, and cultural grounds,” the statement added.

Elena Murelli MP, intergroup president, told Arab News: “Vision 2030 is also considered as a point of reference for the Western world and for the entire international economic, commercial, and cultural community.

“Saudi Arabia is one of the most important elements in the maintenance of stability in the Middle East, where international tensions remain high and where peace and the protection of human rights must be considered a priority interest to the entire international community.

“This role could not have emerged in a more evident way than through the recent signings of the Abraham Accords, to which Saudi Arabia has acted as guarantor, and the AlUla Agreement (for Arab reconciliation) with Qatar,” she said.

The Italian parliamentary group also noted the Kingdom’s recent handover of the G20 Presidency to Italy.

“In the last year, Saudi and Italian institutions had the opportunity to work together on some extremely important international political and economic projects.

“Under the Saudi presidency of the G20, enormous efforts have been made by the international community to fight the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. The Kingdom has made significant contributions in terms of economic aid and scientific research, both to develop new vaccines and to identify the most effective treatments against COVID-19.

“This political, economic, and scientific cooperation will also continue during the next year when Saudi Arabia and Italy sit together in the G20 troika as past president and current president,” Murelli added.

The joint statement said: “It is in everyone’s interest that the long relationship between our two countries stays framed in the broader context of international cooperation.

“This should also happen through the inter-parliamentary relationship between Italy and Saudi Arabia, which aims to help mutual understanding and promote closer collaboration through permanent dialogue based on mutual frankness and respect.”

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