Man held for hunting falcon in Taif

Wed, 2021-01-27 04:31

RIYADH: The Special Forces for Environmental Security arrested a citizen in Taif for hunting a falcon released under the Hadad program of the Saudi Falcons Club (SFC).

Maj. Raed Al-Maliki, a spokesman for the special forces, said the man was arrested in cooperation with the Taif police on a complaint lodged by the Saudi Falcons Club.

The club reportedly contacted the man to retrieve the falcon but due to his non-cooperation in this regard, the SFC had to take a legal course of action.

Through the Hadad program, the Saudi Falcons Club aims to make falconry sustainable and to release Shaheen (Peregrine) falcons into the wild, to preserve the rare breed and strengthen the Kingdom’s pioneering role in protecting the environment and wildlife.

The project will also help boost the falcon population. The birds of prey will also be monitored carefully to study their behavior in the wild and their ability to adapt.

Al-Maliki urged people to contact 999 to report violations of environmental laws and assault on wildlife across the Kingdom.

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