Saudi artists’ work for sale at pop-up store in Riyadh

Fri, 2021-01-22 21:34

RIYADH: Saudi Gift Gallery, an online store, organized a one-day winter pop-up store at the Marriott hotel in Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarter on Friday, featuring a unique selection of locally made handicrafts and gifts. They included a special-edition artwork by the well-known Riyadh-born Saudi calligrapher and founder of his eponymous art gallery Mohammed Alajlan, whose work is often inspired by poetry.

“We wanted authentic, beautiful, and purposeful gifts from Saudi Arabia and thought others would too,” said Saudi Gift Gallery co-founder Hind Al-Rajhi. “This is why we created the gift gallery.”

Al-Rajhi and her co-founder Maria Cometti work with local artists and designers from their base in the Diplomatic Quarter.

“It’s encouraging to see both the expat and local community embracing Saudi products and showing such interest in our designers,” Al-Rajhi said of the pop-up store.

She described the Diplomatic Quarter as “a cultural hub” and “the perfect place for a concept such as Saudi Gift Gallery,” and expressed her thanks to the Ministry of Culture and the Heritage Commission for their support of local artists.


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