Saudi Arabia’s Northern Borders governor inspects archaeological sites

Tue, 2021-01-19 00:56

RAFHA: Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Sultan, governor of the Northern Borders region, on Monday visited the historical village of Zubala, one of the important stops on the Hajj path, 25 km south of Rafha governorate.
Zubala is famous for its three ponds — Al-Shahouf, Umm Al-Assafeer and Al-Shihiyat — as well as its archaeological palace and its fort, a tourist attraction perfect for hiking in the east of the village.
Prince Faisal inspected its historical sites and was briefed by Mohammed Al-Zimam, director of the Tourism Ministry’s regional office, on the excavation project at the Zubala archaeological site.
Al-Zimam also briefed the governor on the project to fence and parcel the site, as well as the inventory of architectural units and some pottery, glass and metal utensils.
Prince Faisal inspected the outcomes produced by the excavation team, and expressed hope for new discoveries.
He stressed the need to attach enough importance to the historical village and its antiquities. He also highlighted the importance of training local participants on the most important methods of preserving the antiquities.

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