ThePlace: Jabal Al-Lith, favorite place for divers exploring the underwater

Sat, 2021-01-16 01:52

This coral island off the coast of Al-Lith about 200 km south of Jeddah is renowned for its beauty. Jabal Al-Lith is surrounded by clear blue waters that attract divers not just from Saudi Arabia but from around the world.
The Red Sea is known as one of the most beautiful underwater worlds on earth, and diving at this site is most popular around March, April, May and June when the magnificent whale sharks gather. The whale sharks are known as the largest extant fish species.
Divers exploring the underwater world around Al-Lith may also encounter other species of large fish.
Jabal Al-Lith itself is extremely beautiful with white sandy beaches. For those who are not divers and would like to see the island, there is a network of caves and mountains to explore.

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