The Organization of Islamic Cooperation hails US designation of Houthis as FTO

Fri, 2021-01-15 02:26

JEDDAH: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has welcomed the decision of the US administration to classify Yemen’s Houthi militia as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO).
OIC Secretary-General Dr. Youssef Al-Othaimeen said: “This decision will support positive engagement with the efforts of the UN special envoy to Yemen to reach a political settlement that would end the conflict in Yemen, the terrorist operations in it and attacks against Saudi Arabia.
“The decision is also an important step toward strengthening efforts to address terrorism and its funding at regional and international levels, where these militias, backed by regional entities, pose a real threat to international peace and security.”
Al-Othaimeen expressed his organization’s appreciation for the US decision, which will promote its efforts in fighting terrorism and extremist groups and will force Houthi leaders to enter talks to achieve peace.
The OIC discussed the report issued at the extraordinary meeting of foreign ministers of OIC member states on Jan. 21, 2018, which stressed the danger Houthis pose to regional and international security.  
The organization has reiterated its full support for the efforts of the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, aiming to reach a lasting political settlement for the Yemeni crisis, in line with the Gulf Cooperation Council initiative, national dialogue and UN Security Council resolutions.

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