Dawood Al-Dawood, Saudi Aramco vice president

Tue, 2020-12-29 01:29

Dawood Al-Dawood has been a Saudi Aramco vice president since 2008. He is currently vice president of the Northern Area Oil Operations.
Al-Dawood recently won the 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award of S&P Global Platts, the credit ratings, benchmarks and analytics provider.
The Aramco executive has 37 years’ experience in the energy business, with extensive knowledge across the upstream, downstream and international operations.
In 1988, Al-Dawood received a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering at the University of Kansas in the US. In 2003, he joined Stanford University Graduate School of Business, where he attended the Stanford executive program. In 2008, he obtained a master’s degree in business administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Sloan Fellow.
In 2010, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Kansas University School of Petroleum Engineering.
Al-Dawood is the concept owner of the Saudi Arabian Drilling Academy (SADA), and was its first chairman and managing director. He is also chairman of the Yanbu Saudi Aramco Sinopec Refinery.
From 2010 to 2013, Al-Dawood worked as a team leader for Aramco’s refining and marketing strategy development team, set up as part of the company’s accelerated transformation program. In June 2006, he was the president and CEO of the Aramco Services Company (Aramco Americas), a Houston-based subsidiary of Saudi Aramco.
Before that Al-Dawood managed the Jeddah refinery department. He was also the manager at the company’s Dhahran-based crude oil sales and marketing department from April 2002 to June 2004. He was the manager of the North Ghawar production department Abqaiq from August 2001 to April 2002.
Al-Dawood was also president and CEO of Aramco’s Dubai-based crude oil shipping arm Vela International.

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