Mazin bin Ibrahim Al-Kahmous,  president of Saudi Arabia’s Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority

Mon, 2020-12-21 00:23

Mazin bin Ibrahim Al-Kahmous was appointed the president of the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) in 2019.

Before he was appointed Nazaha chief, he held high-level positions in several government bodies.

Al-Kahmous obtained a bachelor’s degree in security sciences at the King Fahd Security College in 1989.

Nazaha, under Al-Kahmous, is working relentlessly to combat all types of corruption in line with the vision of the country’s leadership.

Commenting on King Salman’s speech at the inauguration of the first year of the 8th session of the Shoura Council, Al-Kahmous said the elimination of corruption is a national task to preserve public money and protect national interests and ensure development.

He appreciated the support extended to Nazaha from King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The authority also encourages the public and private sectors to adopt plans and programs for maintaining integrity and combating corruption.

It vows to pursue anyone who exploits public office to achieve personal gain or harm the public interest in any way. According to Nazaha, accountability extends far beyond the retirement of an individual, as financial and administrative crimes have no statute of limitations, and rules are applied with zero tolerance against violators.

Earlier this month, Al-Kahmous thanked the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council for adopting the ministerial statement issued by the first anti-corruption meeting in the G20 countries as an official guiding document.

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